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Shop design guidelines

This webportal provides official European Yamaha dealers with key information to execute Yamaha’s 3 Block visual identity concept into their own Showroom and Workshop.

With the information on this site dealers and architects have the toolbox to provide customers a consistent and clear presentation of our products, following Yamaha Motor Europe’s brand strategy. With this site Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. provides you with the explaination of the 3 Block visual identity guidelines, how to furnish the shop indoor, technical sections regarding material to be used, digital communication solutions and ways to finalize the outdoor VI and some examples of new shops. As each dealer premises are different, there are multiple options to fulfil the specific queries.

Olivier Prevost

“Yamaha, as a global brand and key player in the mobility fields, has to show consistency and professionalism in its values expression.
When customers are getting in contact with us, they have to feel ‘at home’ in any of our shops in Europe.”


– Olivier Prevost, President & Chief Executive Officer Yamaha Motor Europe N.V.

Mission & Vision

Yamaha Motor brings pleasure to millions of people by using ingenuity and enthusiasm to constantly surpass customer expectations, thereby enriching their lives.


A Japanese term concisely summarises these feelings: ‘Kando’. Kando describes the sensation of profound excitement and gratification derived from experiencing supreme quality and performance. In an ever-changing world, people face new challenges every day and are forced to put more and more hours into work.

kandoThat is why we believe leisure to be paramount for a balanced, full and pleasurable life. Whichever products our customers choose to enjoy, we strive for them to experience a delicate blend of technologies which creates a harmonious union between man and machine. More than that, we offer the promise of intense satisfaction through the use of groundbreaking, innovative products that touch not only people’s lives, but also their hearts.

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